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Kobo Reader - Schnelltest

Ich habe neulich mal den Kobo Reader schnellgetestet. Es war der Versuch, dem Amazon Book-Publishing Monopol zu entkommen, und es sah vielversprechend aus.

Kobo Reader hört sich gut an, kann auch ePub Format lesen, hat eine gute Auswahl an Büchern(ich habe alles, was ich grad lesen will, da gefunden, wenn auch etwas teurer als bei Amazon) und wurde von Wired für gut befunden.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - erste Eindrücke

Da ich dazu gerade eine plötzlich sehr lang gewordene Facebook-Konversation hatte, will ich auch den Lesern hier mal meine ersten Eindrücke zum Samsung Galaxy Tab aufschreiben. Es gibt noch ein paar weitere Details, dazu später mehr.

Running Redmine issue tracker on Apache Tomcat

Finally I took the time to resolve this issue: I really like the redmine issue tracker, but to avoid getting too many different appkication servers that I have to manage, I wanted to run it in the Apache Tomcat Java Servlet container.

There where some tutorials about this, but they where all really old - the "newest" one more than a year old by now.

But things where really easy, even easier as described in the tutorials, only a few simple steps:

Tested with redmine version 0.8.0 and 0.8.

Recover an encrypted-lvm-root system from broken boot partition

I just fiddled this out after I accidentally deleted the content of my /boot partition on a UBuntu Jaunty system that I installed with an encrypted LVM root and home volumes. Although the problem occured just with a play and testing system which I had a full backup off, and could have easily recovered or reinstalled, I was curious about how to solve this problem - just in case it will happen to me some day when I can not just throw away the inaccessible system (whichg now, that I know how to solve it, will never happen ;) ).

It turned out to be a bit tricky.

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