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More Openoffice macro info...

As said, I worked on a small OOO macro - some more searching resulted in these links, for signiung, and general macro stuff, and doing it in python - have to check them later to get my date macro running!

Openoffice custom functions/macros

So, I "just" wanted to insert a date value into some openoffice spreadsheet, that should be derived from the documents name. I really thought, inserting a value derived from the current document's filename must be very easy.

I do a daily plan for the things I intend to do on a day, and name it "tagesplan_2008-11-22.ods".
And I want the name in this file not always be the date when I open/print the file, but the exact day it was intended for, and this is already coded into the filename.

Musik online kaufen

Geil - so langsam kann man auch als Linux-Nutzer einfach mal ein Stück aktuelle Musik im Netz online kaufen!

xplanner - is it alive???

So, I'm playing around with xplanner these days - actually using it to structure my work on my timetracking software which I need for the business I'm just about to start.
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