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Liferay at JAX

Nice - Liferay makes it to be a keynote at the JAX conference...
Sadly, I will not be able to attend - too far, not enough time, and these conferences are interesting, but also not really cheap to get in.
My time is currently better invested in some real programming experience with (liferay) portlets - I'll hopefully get there in a while - as soon as the grails prototype for my timetracker and taskmanager apps are working in a 0.1 fashion :)

Wer kennt wen - scheduled downtime zur besten Zeit?!

Hmm, gerade freue ich mich darüber, bei Wer kennt wen soviele meiner Freunde und Bekannten aus dem Saarland zu treffen - und schwupps, ist die Seite offline - auch gestern war sie etwa gegen 19 Uhr abends schonmal einfach weg - heute ist es wohl eine "scheduled downtime" - " Wie angekündigt arbeiten wir gerade für Euch und sind in den Morgenstunden wieder für Euch da. Solange etwas Unterhaltung." - und es folgt ein immer neuer chuck norris Spruch - wart das nicht schon vor 3 Jahren out?

google history

Hmm, so - somehow I did already know that nowadays, it could be made a matter of a few clicks to watchs exactly what I've been doing on the web lately...

Still, it's a bit scary to see http://www.google.de/history and think what even more it would do if I's do as they propose and add some more plugins to my browser so they can see even much more than just my searches.

not much - some links

Having quite a bit of work with a week of Debian and Linux introduction training which I prepared for my first self-employment customer, I've not too much to say.

I'm currently surfing a bit, looking at these interesting things:
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