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IT Didaktik für Dozenten

Komme gerade von einem hervorragenden Kurs! "It-Didaktik für Dozenten", wo ich auf freundliche Einladung von Heinlein Support teilnehmen durftte!
Es kommt, wenn man IT Schulungen oder Vorträge macht, ja doch auf etwas mehr als nur korrekes vortragen der technischen Inhalte an. Es muss auch so präsentiert und gelehrt werden, dass bei den Zuhörern und Schülern auch möglichst viel hängenbleibt.

Liferay European Symposium - a great meeting!

I've been participating in the Europen Symposium for the Liferay Portal Server software.
A very nicely developped, feature-rich Java Portlet container.

And, without any doubt, Liferay is not only - at my very first glances, after writing only one very simple hello world portlet - a fine working portal solution, it also has proven, that it has a great community of users and developers.

Nokia N95 - always good for a joke

why does the phone to refuse doing an update of the phone software when there's no sim card in?
What if I have to be reachable and need to use the sim in another phone?

Apart from being totally broken, and not usable anymore, after only 9 months (my usual turnaround time for mobile phones gets near to the two years, if not even longer) - now I can't even delete my private data with a phone software update(I didn't find another way, there's no "delete all user's data" button) without inserting a SIM.


Gaaa - HTML 4.01 strict hassles...

So, I made my new site and made a html validity check.

Some minor errors, easily resolved, but then: I'm also not a too great friend of opening links in new windows.
But sometimes, I believe, it can be confusing users, especially less experienced ones, if the click on a link and are thrown out of the page they were just surfing on.
So, it might sometimes be quite reasonable, to open a link in a new window.

With oldstyle HTML, this was easily possible, using the "target" attribute.
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