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ID theft's become hard? Noprob, grow your own!

Bruce Schneier is, as always, at the edge of data security of the information age - in his recent cryptogram, he's coming up with the idea of data farming - a way to grow a fake identity without having to steal it from a real existing (or past-existing, but eventually died) person.

Interesting thought...

More France... and a nice german-style lunch

Yes, diving with the dive centre "Ile d'or" in Dromant near St. Raphel at France's Cote d'azur is nice.
Even though, it doesn't exactly help me to perfect my french to stay with a diving centre owned and run by mostly germans, it feels quite nice to understand everything perfectly the people are telling you - though, under water there's usually not much talk anyway :)

Apart from that, I'm practicing and optimising my french, which is, when talking still quite broken as many times I miss the right words - I have to learn quite a bit of vacabulary.

The bugroff license

I told about this funny, but maybe actually useful license some people, but somehow forgot where to find it.

It is here: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Cafe/5947/bugroff.html

Citing it's text, in case it get's lost one day:

The "No problem Bugroff" license.

Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation devised, in addition to some marvelous software, the GNU General Public License (GPL for short). Or the CopyLeft it is sometimes called.

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