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I'm a xen.org blogger now :)

I've just received my account for the Xen.org blog, and did my first posting, announcing Ganeti.

I know, in some posts on this personal blog here, I've been bashing Xen quite a bit, and I'll never stop criticizing stuff I don't like, anywhere.
But I'm still running Xen on quite some machines, and I still like the way some things work with this virtualization technology, so I will have some interesting remarks to do about it.

PXE boot with KVM

While trying to boot KVM virtual machines via PXE, for testing of FAI on the developer workshop, I had some time to search for a solution to get this working.

It turned out, that the package maintainers remove the PXE boot images intentionally (to get rid of blobs):

Download.com is advertising GPL software downloads!

Very interesting!

It sounded so interesting, I even clicked on a link on my own website (which google ads actually forbids - but hey, here I continue the ad for free!):

Download.com is financing google ads, as well as a nicely and professional designed download page

Report from the virtualization workshop at Linuxhotel, Essen/Germany

Last weekend, we had a fantastic virtualization hacking workshop at the Linuxhotel in Essen/Germany.

Here's my report on what I and others did there:

I built a FAI USB Stick for Installation of Debian Etch base systems to test Ganeti installation from Scratch
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