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securing moinmoin against spammers

Wiki's are, sadly, a massive thread to spam these days. Some wiki's include captcha checkers these days, some make Email checks and stuff.

Another idea is having something like social control - let only people write who ask or know somebody who is able to write into the wiki.

Using TRAC for source-Browsing, only

... and disable all other services/modules?

I had to search/fiddle for this some while, but basically it's quite simple:

trac.ticket.report.ReportModule = disabled
trac.wiki.web_ui.WikiModule = disabled
trac.ticket.web_ui.TicketModule = disabled
trac.ticket.roadmap.RoadmapModule = disabled
trac.ticket.query.QueryModule = disabled

Maybe it might help somebody?!

Acces to the remote console on IBM System X / Xseries

Another thing I had to search for a while:

  • the remote console card in IBM Xseries seems to be sometimes called IPMI, and othertimes RASII
  • it must be enabled in the BIOS
  • By default, it tries to get an IP from dhcp, but falls back to a default IP if it gets none
  • Default user / pass is USERID/PASSW0RD (with a zero as in 1000, not an o as in "other")

Probably it will help someboy sometimes...

exiting the xen xm console...

I searched a while for this.

In some scenarios, it happens that CTRL-] doesn't work - what do you do then???

Searching the web didn't reall help, and finally, I did what Harald König suggests here: "Oh sod it, roll your head on the keyboard while you hold down ctrl."

And guess, what I found?

CTRL-5 works, too. At least with my german keyboard and a machine with whatver locale settings, connected via ssh and screen...
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