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NetBSD 4 released - supporting Xen3

The NetBSD has made a new release - version 4.0. This new version is said to support Xen3 dom0 and domU - a.k.a. the system being useable as a host as well as as a guest.

While there where since a long time guest Kernels for NetBSD available which I tested and confirmed to be nicely working on a Linux Xen host, dom0 support was a bit harder to get and use, and I never came to really test it.

My first computer

By accident I stumbled upon a picture of my first computer on wikipedia.

An Apple IIe, decommisionned from my fathers engineering office.

Hamburg at night

When finishing my work yesterday, I took tis nice picture of the old town, seen from Kehrwieder - just wanna share it with you :)

Finally a _real_ use case for Xen and Virtualization

Xen, Vmware, KVM, OpenQRM, SolidICE, XenEnterprise, VirtualIron for things like live migration, HA, software testing, resource management and cosolidation???


We want a virus aquarium!
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