Presentation tools and formats, google docs and forms

Today, my search for a good presentation toolkit(on the way t prepare my talk about FAI at ubucon) let me stumble around thinks like Pandoc, S5, and miroformats.org

null isn't always null...

The difference of printing and object, or printing an object's toString output...

If you have a Todo() class with a toString() method like this:

String toString(){
return description

This code:

class BootStrap {

def init = { servletContext ->
println "bootstrap init start"
def mytask = new Todo(name:"testtask")
assert (mytask != null)
println "mytask is " + mytask
println "bootstrap init end"

Getting into Grails

I started to port my little Todo-Manager application that helped get my things sorted from rails to grails.

As I realized I don't like ruby as much as Java, and Groovy/Grails brings me very similar functionality, I want to base all my small management apps on Grails - when a useable toto manager is done, a timetracker, contacs management and calendar will defintely follow, and hopefully be integrated into a liferay portal at some point in time.

hässlich wie Katzenfutter...

Jaja, das gibt es wirklich - zumindest eben gerade im Tatort bei NDR und auch hier.

Ich zumindest musste ein bisschen lachen, als ich es gerade das erste Mal gehört habe. Und neue Schimpfwörter kann man immer mal gebrauchen.
Google denkt derweil immer noch, wer danach sucht, der wird sicher auch irgendwie Katzenfutter benötigen - oder ein Terrarium:
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