regarding enterprise distribution security

At some points, I was wondering, if it really is that good to use only te free and community-built Debian distribution on my servers, because I've become sceptic with at least two issues: one was when Debian security updates were delayed because of lacking manpower, and the other was when it has been uncovered that there was a patch introduced in the changes of the Debian OpenSSL maintainer, that actually made the software produce

"Russicher Frieden"

Ganz ehrlich, natürlich überblicke ich nicht alle Hintergründe dessen, was dort in Georgien gerade abläuft (vielleicht wird die Veranstaltung Was ist los im Kaukasus? daran ja was ändern?) .

IOC against piratebay

LOL - there seem to be some people who actually believe that there are really many people copying the videos of the openinc ceremony in beijing, and the IOC really has the courage to request the swedish government for help in that case.

Wasn't it said, that in China, it actually is a compliment to be copied, because it shows that the stuff you did is good???

Typing breaks - good for the back, and RSI

Typing breaks are no only good for RSI-prevention, but also, I feel much better in my back, actually didn't have any problems with it, since I do regular screen/typing breaks.

I have set the "Typing break" in the Gnome Keyboard preferences to pause for 4 minutes every 90 minutes. I just stand up from my chair, walk around a little, and go on working.
Sometimes I suspend the breaks multiple times because I want to keep going, but alltogether, I'm doing my breaks.

Other interesting programs that help with these breaks:
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