Nice vim and console Tips from Ingo

The VM-Workshop at the Linuxhotel in Essen, Germany is a great success again.

Ssitting together with a bunch of knowledgeable and very nice people, hacking on all kinds of virtualization-realted stuff, there are, as always, some nice side effects in learning fine things.

Ingo Wichmann, the CEO, showed me two of them:

On the console, if you need to correct a previouls entered long command, use:
"fc", to load it into vim edit it to your needs, and run it by closing vim with ":wq"

Fileopen DRM - I love it!

Another great Argh for DRM!!!

I had a lot of fun with the crappy fileopen PDF DRM software, mainly to get it running on Ubuntu Linux Gutsy Gibbon.

My girlfiend decided to become a customer of Alpmann-Schmidt juristic repetitors - they sell knowledge about juristical exams, at quite high prizes, and they try to secure them with the fileopen software.

For all who need to do this some day, here some hints on how to get the fileopen software working:

Kaioo - naja...

Also, ich fand ja, als ich zuerst davon gehört hatte, die Idee von Kaioo sehr ansprechend.

Aber: wenn man es mal nutzen will, kommen doch viele Fragen auf. Ich fühle mich da einfach schonmal ziemlich verloren, weil ich nicht so recht weiß, was ich da anfangen soll - und vor allem: WO!
Will ich in eine Gruppe, oder will ich in ein Netzwerk?

Coding Horror: Coding without comments


When reading what this guy recommends I could run away - and the earth isn't large enough to get me far enough...

Her recommends coding without any comments, and proposes, in a real strange example - what?
Yeah: Instead of writing a comment above some complex calculation, put the calculation (even though only used ONCE!!!) into a function, and give the function a speaking name - which then acts as a comment!
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