RMLL is great - and France even so!

A first short report from the great RMLL conference in Mont-de-Marsan in France - just before leaving to go home...

I'm sorely missing the community feeling in the german Linuxtag events since it went away from Karlsruhe, and is obviously lacking support from local LUG's - they seem to try pushing it into a more business-oriented conference, but somehow I have the feeling, that currently it is neither a reall good conference for businesses, nor is a very community centric event any more.

Essen bei Picoletto

Da bin ich zu hause, und habe fast Bauchschmerzen... und bedanke mich bei dem, der sie verursacht hat: Picoletto in der Holstenstraße!

Der bester Italiener mit Abstand - Service, Essen, Musik - hier stimmt einfach alles!

Railway horrors and hassles...

Up until now, a seemingly simple task is keeping me busy since about 6 days for about 6 hours absolute working time:

Buying a ticket from Hamburg or Saarbrücken in Germany, to Mont-de-Marsan in France, to give a talk about FAI at the RMLL free software conference.

New Design - less graphics, funky colors

As Blogger pointed me to check out the new features at draft.blogger.com, I checked it out.
Playin' around with the designs available, I found that I like this one more.
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