Getting started with liferay portal and mysql

I searched a little while when looking for how to get started with liferay and store my data in a mysql DB.
There are some hints in this documentation(I'm using a tomcat bundle, version 5.1RC).
But it's actually simpler. I didn't even need to explicitly install the mysql driver by hand.
Just change


Blender... finally getting into it...

I finally took time to further investigate Blender 3D - a full featured, professional 3D modeling and animation package, plus compositing functionality.

Some of the first things I ever wanted to do with computers were Games and animations, but somehow, after my first steps with 3D Studio R4 (the software that came on more than 10 3,5" floppy disks, as CDROM's wheren't that common in thoise days), on DOS, the Internet came and took my enthusiasm and attention.

Online mit physikalischem Zugriff?!

Erst mal musste ich schon loslachen, als ich diesen Satz bei Heise las:

Lernprogramme nur für Windows?! Kein Grund, ein Migrationsprojekt aufzugeben!

Tja, die Wiener kippen Ihr Wienux System zu 75% zurück zu Vista.

Weil sie noch nicht gemerkt haben, dass es massenhaft freie Lernsoftware gibt!

Es heißt bei pressetext:
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