New Site online...

Endlich geschaft - nach ein paar Tagen Einarbeitung in das wirklich nett Drupal CMS stehen neue Website und Blog!

Viel Spaß damit!


Irgendwie hab ich was verpasst...

Alles wissen, dass Mierscheid fiktiv ist, aber ich frage mich noch: Was machen fiktive Personen auf der echten Homepage des Bundestages?

Drupal Flexifilter Mediawiki example hack

You like drupal flexifilter mediawiki syntax, but dislikes it links to wikipedia instead of your site?


and change the wikipedia occurences to your site path!

When the module is installed now, you can got to

and change wikipedia entries in the hiearchy of filter commands.

it's a bit fiddling to find it... something like

Drupal Menu Translation

I had a strange issue with drupal menu translation:

After adding a translation of a page, and set it to state "published", the english _and_ german_ page was shown in my primary links field - while I expected it to be shown only the one for my current language.

This can be solved by installing the i18n/internationalization module and enabling it and it's menu translation option. With the default it should be all good - if not, things cna be adjusted, for example in admin/settings/i18n.
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