Running Redmine issue tracker on Apache Tomcat

Finally I took the time to resolve this issue: I really like the redmine issue tracker, but to avoid getting too many different appkication servers that I have to manage, I wanted to run it in the Apache Tomcat Java Servlet container.

There where some tutorials about this, but they where all really old - the "newest" one more than a year old by now.

But things where really easy, even easier as described in the tutorials, only a few simple steps:

Tested with redmine version 0.8.0 and 0.8.6 on Ubuntu Karmic. Attention! There is a problem on 0.8.7 that I did not resolve yet!

Assumption is you have a redmine running in plain ruby and it's working - if not, check redmine docs first. I'm using a socket connection to mysql, there might be some extra steps (e.g. configuring jdbc) necesarry for a mysql connection via network.

  • aptitude install jruby1.2
  • cd redmine-VERSION
  • test: jruby ./script/server -e production
  • gem install warbler
  • warble config or if warble is not in your path: {{{~/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin/warble config}}}
  • vim config/warble.rb
  • change line config.dirs... to be: ** config.dirs = %w(app config lib log vendor tmp extra files lang)
  • run warble:
  • place the redmine war into your tomcat webapps directory: ** cp redmine-VERSION.war $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/redmine.war

Things I did in a previous try, but it seems they are not really needed (but give them a try if the above doesn't work out for you):

Done in an earlier try, but seems not to be required:

  • copy mysql-connector.jar to tomcat/lib
  • gem install jruby-openssl activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter warbler

I'll add changes to this to the page in the Redmine Wiki, so go there for more recent information!