What I like about different programming languages


It is very easy to understand, and supereasy to write web software with very little knowledge about tje surroundings and with very little setup. It is very well documented, in a central location and in an easy understandable structure. My first programming language.


Extremely powerful and simple use and achieve a lot with little work. Once you really know it. Probably the second language I learned (basics - I've not come that far yet because of my lazyness to learn it).


A language that supports you if you're thinking about your programs in a very structured way. Statically and stringly typed, it enables building great tools that anaylze code to help you in programming and ensuring code quality. The non-freeness of it's most important implementation - Sun's - is probably the reason for the way programs are spread and deployed: a java program usually brings everything it needs apart from the core runtime engine (and for a small bunch of enterprise and web applications a container to run run them in) - which keeps away just about any type of library dependency problem.


Simple (in terms of core functionality, not always ease of use) and powerful glue between unix commands - and and other script in whatever language for whatever purpose (from copying a bunch of files and saving a bunch of string to starting an enterprise application server). o dependency problems here, either - you'll know what commands are available.


Nice syntax - never any more problems anymore with strange indentation. Powerful, easy and simple to use. Still - Stringly typed! But also dynamically. Can do a lot with little code, quickly learned.


Real object oriented version of Perl :) Powerful to create DSL's., web apps and a lot of other things.


Java syntax with some characters less. All the power and functionality of Java with some additional language powers and an enhanced core library that simplifies a bunch of things and saves you some lines.

Lisp, Scheme and stuff.

Only one sort of braces. Seems interesting, but I just didn't get into them yet.