RMLL is great - and France even so!

A first short report from the great RMLL conference in Mont-de-Marsan in France - just before leaving to go home...

I'm sorely missing the community feeling in the german Linuxtag events since it went away from Karlsruhe, and is obviously lacking support from local LUG's - they seem to try pushing it into a more business-oriented conference, but somehow I have the feeling, that currently it is neither a reall good conference for businesses, nor is a very community centric event any more.
I've been to CLT in Chemnitz, and did not find what I was missing from Linuxtag, I somehow didn't like it - even if I can't really say what's wrong. Definitely, it's a bad start if the first thing you get after coming in town is a cab driver that starts yelling at you because you dare to disturb him in his lazyness by willing to use his service...

Whatever, the positive news: RMLL in France is a perfect example of a very great, community-oriented conference. True, it's in France, and therefore most talks given are in French - except some, especially Cajus Pollmeier's Talk about GoSA (Slides) and mine about FAI(slides).
But there are many interesting people to talk with, nice social events in the evenings, and a generally very friendly french-style athmosphere.
They organize cheap places to sleep for everybody who cannot go to the conference on business money, and in general everything is really low cost (beer= 1€, coffee, 40 cents!, and more) without being bad quality or something like that. It's really super-great! And apart from that, I've not been to france for a while, but when getting back it it, I realize my french is not so bad as I always felt, and just about everything in France is really lovely - I can really say: "J'aime la France" :)

Very nice the offer of Rene Mages from FFII.fr to vist him for a week so I can even improve my french - see you in a couple of weeks, Rene!

Yesterday, we even went to the beach just about an hour away, toget wet in the sea and watch the surfers riding some huge waves - obviously a much better way to deal with the sea here than trying to do some swimming.

And we made some interesting plans about the FAI Gosa integration, the FAI GUI and stuff like that. Very motivating! And, itr sounds like GOsa is a much more flexible and professional way of managing an infrastructure with a graphical tool than ebox is. (Still I guess ebox is good for small businesses with not much knowledge an manpower for an initial setup...)

I hope to get some Photos uploaded - taking with the crappy Nokia N95 which I hope tpo throw away soon...