securing moinmoin against spammers

Wiki's are, sadly, a massive thread to spam these days. Some wiki's include captcha checkers these days, some make Email checks and stuff.

Another idea is having something like social control - let only people write who ask or know somebody who is able to write into the wiki.

Locking the wiki against users which are not explictly allowed to write is really only 2 or three lines of configuration in one of the wiki Python config files (names vary depending on how it is installed and maintained, sometimes it's, sometimes, but can be totally different):

acl_rights_before = u"HenningSprang:read,write,delete,revert,admin +AdminGroup:admin"
acl_rights_default = 'EditorsGroup:read,write,revert All:read'
Then you need a page named AdminGroup, starting with the line

#acl AdminGroup:admin,read,write All:read

And a page EditorsGroup, without anything special.
Registered users that should be able to edit/admin the wiki, can be written into the list of Admins/Editors by writing their UserName in the usual MoinMoin list format, like:

* ThisUserNameIsAnEditor

The interesting part is, to think about this step before - as it will immediatly make the usual "just write without registration" impossible for users, and there will be quite some requests to add people on the editors lists, which must be dealt with in relatively short term.
After a while, when there are some Editors registered, any of them can enable new people to write into the wiki by adding the name to the EditorGroup page.