Fileopen DRM - I love it!

Another great Argh for DRM!!!

I had a lot of fun with the crappy fileopen PDF DRM software, mainly to get it running on Ubuntu Linux Gutsy Gibbon.

My girlfiend decided to become a customer of Alpmann-Schmidt juristic repetitors - they sell knowledge about juristical exams, at quite high prizes, and they try to secure them with the fileopen software.

For all who need to do this some day, here some hints on how to get the fileopen software working:

  • Download and install the orignal acrobat rader from adobe - as they only prove an rpm, you have to use alien to convert it to a deb and install that - get it here:
  • alien RPMFILE
  • dpkg -i DEBFILE
  • ln -s /opt/Adobe/Reader8/bin/acroread /usr/local/bin/
  • Download the fileopen plugin from
  • As the user who is supposed to use the plugin, run the commandline install script to install it

It's surely possible to hand-edit the commandline script and get it working with the normal Acrobat you can get from Ubuntu packages, but I was under timely pressure, and already had so long to find out to get to this point that I had no nerve left to try that.

I really wonder, why these people don't stop using such bullshit software.

Do they not realize, that copying their stuff is still a matter of making screenhots from the PDF's, removing the user name, and sending out perfectly readable jpg's - even selling them for half the prize of the original, which starts to be really interesting as long as you sell more than 3 copies???

As with all DRM, the only ones being really disturbed by these things, are the legitimate users, the ones who paid and have trouble getting what they paid for.

The more I learn about this juristical content business, I get more and more interested in developing user-driven juristical databases, that come to the learning people at a reasonable price (e.g. - the operation costs for the servers, shared equally by the users)...