Deutsche BAHN - no Bonus points for good customers

I bought a Bahncard 100 from Deutsche Bahn AG - a Ticket with which you can ride most of their trains for free, for one year - for the price of around 3000 Euro.

The Bahn AG also has a Bonus program, where normally, Bahncard customers get 1 point for every Euro they pay. Last week I asked one of their representatives on the phone, why they forgot to give me points for my travel to France for around 266 Euro.
The counter-woman said: "Because you didn't get a Bahncard rebate on this travel to France".
Clearly - because I get no cheaper ticket, meaning, I pay MORE, I also get no bonus points as a thank you! You only get Bonus points if you pay LESS!!!
I also don't get any bonus points for the ticket I just bought for my sister to come to Hamburg.

When informed via mail about my (still unchanged ) bonus points account, I asked again to clarify this, and after some mails back and forth, I got the clear answer:
"Nach Überprüfung Ihrer Daten sind Sie im Besitz einer BahnCard 100. Sie können mit dieser BahnCard keine weiteren Punkte Sammeln. "

It means, once you spent 3000 Euros, you'll not get any further bonus points. No way.

Yeah, my beloved Bahn, Mr. Mehdorn - I know you'll tell me know, that this all is actually good for me, and like with every "price adjustment" that happens twice or trice a year, this is only for my own benefit - clearly!

But, you know what? I don't believe it! You don't get satisfied and happy customers by telling them, if you spend more than 3000 Euro on them, they eventually stop to give you bonus points for additional things you buy from them. This is not an incentive to stay your customer, it's an incentice to feel kicked in the ass by you and go away.

I wonder how long I'll keeping my ground rule top avoid flying as much as possible - traveling by train is made so hard for the passengers and customers - they kick you in the ass for being their customer, they make buying tickets and getting pricing information as difficult as possible(especially the latter is even iworse in France, Belgium and England, as far as my experience goes, but anyway) - I guess the railway companies just don't want us to be their customers...

They want to go public on the stock exchange, sell out everything they have, which comes from the state, and then go under, because they just cannot compete with the service and ease of air travel.