Off to France...

I'm heading to France tomorrow.

After quitting my job with Silpion, in order to work on realizing some of my own ideas, and do some freelance work to fincance this, I decided that I need a holiday to get some fresh air into my head.
Eventually, I came up with the idea to learn a sport that always fascinated me since I noticed it: surfing (without the "wind", a.k.a. riding on waves).

I'm really excited about this, I really don't know if I will make this - it's really a tough sport, as far as I see, and also quite a bit dangerous, if you don't take care. But that's exactly what's so fascinating about it.
In addtion to that, I will go to this trip totally alone (although not the very first tome for me going on holiday alone, it's unusual to go without Maria), and I'll do mostly camping. Only for the last week, when I'll be visting Rene Mages, a friend from OpenSource stuff, and active FFII guy agains software patents.

Alright, let's go! :)