Great Holidays!

Did I already mention, how great France is?!
So, no need to mention it - it's just great :)

After some not yet successful, but rather painful attempts to get into surfing (intentionally written without the "wind" - this sort is much easier to get started) in Mimizan, I've been a week in Biarritz - a nice town, if quite expensive, where I tried to continue my efforts in surfing, still without success, but had a nice time there, meeting Thomas, the christian surfer making his living from repairing surfboars in a garage in the rue de madrid in biarritz under the name "feder flex" (obviously no website), but having not so much luck with the room first(totally moulded bathroom in the Hotel Palacito - for 60€/night, with a mini-seat-bathtub is really fucked up!), the food in general(expensive but not really great - bar jean with coal-burnt eggs is to mention here as the worst I got), and the weather(either no waves, or hard rain, or both) - but still a nice experience.

Good things to mention is the nice surfshop tulousurf, the restaurant le passage(wow, what a great composition and taste!), not bad, but still pricey the Hotel "Bellevue" (large room with full bathtub, seeing the sea from the window, o.k. breakfast buffet, for 75 plus 10 breakfast), with very nice personell.

So, on the way to St Raphael, I had to drink a lot of wine and eat Fromage, Foie Gras, Jammonneau, Chorizo, with some rugby fans (Franck has a German mother) going to the match toulon/Paris in Toulon and now I'm here, in the center of cote Provence, hoping to get some dives at Ile d'or which was just recommended to me by my friend Klawitter.

What else to say? I'm really missing Maria, whishing I could've shared that holiday with her, I'm really eager trying surfing again - maybe at Phillippe's place, and I'm quite happy and looking forward for my self-employment which starts next week!

No photos yet, as fucking N95 finally gave up it's live without a reason (first phone that lived so short I ever had)...