Getting into Grails

I started to port my little Todo-Manager application that helped get my things sorted from rails to grails.

As I realized I don't like ruby as much as Java, and Groovy/Grails brings me very similar functionality, I want to base all my small management apps on Grails - when a useable toto manager is done, a timetracker, contacs management and calendar will defintely follow, and hopefully be integrated into a liferay portal at some point in time.

What I can say about grails already: even though I do Java for many years now, and already used comparable frameworks, groovy/grails is a new style of working and new things are there to learn. What I like is that the developer and user community are professional developers from the Java field - people who know what software architecture means - not like in the rails community(when I've been looking at it about 2 years ago, at least), where web designers just starting to program met - and the resulting architectures and code quality, as well a the style of questions on mailing lists was according to that.

I'm already playing with my own partial templates and my own taglib elements these days - you can expect some small howto's here as soon as I got my stuff solved and find time to write down my experiences.