Presentation tools and formats, google docs and forms

Today, my search for a good presentation toolkit(on the way t prepare my talk about FAI at ubucon) let me stumble around thinks like Pandoc, S5, and
And let me finally discover the Opengoo project - which looks very promising - apart from being written in PHP, which I somehow dislike, even though being my first programming language and admittedly powerful and simple - I just saw too much crap code written in it.

It claims to be a gerat online/web desktop - similar to the thing the exo platform wants to offer as WebOS. and the thing that might be available one day as Liferay Social Office.
Anyway, opengoo is nice, It even has a quite nice presentation editor for creating S5 Slideshow in the browser - using Slimey. Admittedly, it has some quirks, at least in the only demo. Similar to eyeOS, another impressive web desktop solution - sadly, presentation creation and spreadsheat also don't work in the demo currently.

Which finally made me look at Google Docs again - they are closely followed by the others, but still, they do interesting stuff.

Like this:

Looks a bit stupid with the not too enlighntened type of questions I wrote down, right.
But what is it? A web questionnaire builder that directly stores the data you enter into a spreadsheat I created with my own options. I can look at an edit the results as in a normal spreadsheat, apply macros to them, and whatever - and there is even a report view showing some nice graphics of the data. Quite impressive job.
So, in the end, google seems to be still best in these systems, but there are good choices for people willing to own their data themselves, and they are getting better...

As of me - I'm still searching for a presentation tool that fits all my needs:

  • Being graphical in creation and output
  • While giving me full control over all the layout where necessary
  • I want internal comments for my own notes only
  • Have a good usability and being easy to learn
  • Be able to easily exclude pages not needed for a specific conference or course
  • Very cool would be to have it in a format that is suited for presentation and textual docs as well
There are a bunch of tools out there, and each of them fulfills some of my points - but I didn't see one that fits them all. Any ideas?