Red Hat acquires Qumranet - the KVM developers

Bad News for Xen: Qumranet, Developers of the KVM Kernel Virtual Machine, are being bought by RedHat.

Even though Redhat claims to support the Xen version in RHEL5 until 2014 - it seems obvious that with such a step, they won't be putting too much energy in Xen-based solutions, and have much more trust in the KVM technology.

Having worked with Xen since 3.x version where useable, and having written a book about it, I'm not really surprised about this - it was way too long time that there wasn't an up to date Kernel ready to work in Xen dom0's - domU support was also lacking quite sme time.

So, when KVM came along - obviously so nicely written, that it was adopted into vanilla kernel in a rush - it was to be expected that Xen would probably not stay the only real open source virtualization tool to fight for market shares from VMWare.

It seems, an interesting race is going on - and with a major adoption of KVM on Redhat Systems, Xen seems to lose quite some ground...