So, even though I thought it will not really work well, I survived my Ubucon talk today :)

I couldn't finish my slides in a new presentation style ( I finally realized, my good old lates beamer style is jsut way too odd, and reading abpout the topic, I tried to get the FAI topic explained in a more Takahashi / Lessig Method style. But starting with that just yesterday afternoon, and also having an hour of Demo to prepare just didn't work out.

I'll try it for my next talk ( "State of open Source Virtualization Tools" at Heinlein SLAC conference) - promised!

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a good tool to use for this. I'm not content with the handling of OO Impress - but the lessig/Takahashi style will not be possible to achieve with Beamer and a Text editor...

Things I might try:
  • Making the Beamer slides with Lyx
  • Looking at this(hmm, I cannot even view the demo slides in firefox, and in opera I see the first page, but not laoding anything more) - or S5 in general, but it seems background images are missing there - in general, this seems similar to using pandoc with S5
  • With a tool in java, I could enhance it my way - just it's not sure if it's a serious project
  • Checking out magicpoint again
  • I maybe should try to make apresentation on a mac once, using keynote
  • Multitalk also looks interesting - nice concept, interesting features - is stable and easy to use?
Surely, the tool I'm lookin for must be open source.
I'm not sure if I like it text-based or rather graphical. With text based tools, I dislike that it's not easily possible to position text and elements wysiwig, gui tools tend to do things that I don't want and cannot always influence.
I dislike Latex more and more, because it has ugly error reporting and checking - sometimes I need an hour just to find out _where_ an actual error is happening...
Text or GUI based - I want a possibility to add my own, totally internal comments for nobody to see, and I want to turn on and off optional slides depending on time, viewer, etc. In Impress it seems, I cannot have private comments (only the handout stuff), and even hiding slides only works for presenting in OOImpress, not for the pdf output.

An article containing some hints on the topic is here.