Netbeans for grails... haha

As I'm a bit annoyed of the complications that arise when using Eclipse for grails, I installed netbeans today.

But it fails to even let me set the grails home path in it's preferences.
Admittedly, at install time of the plugin, I had set a wrong environment variable to grails, from some time when I was only testing grails and did not yet install it as a deb package.
So after install, I had some path in there, where no grails install was found.

Still - I should be able to change it - and meanwhile I also, even corrected the GRAILS_HOME envoronment variable. But netbeans keeps the old, non-working path in it's configuration, and whatever I enter in the text field, after hitting return, it always tells me that this is no grails home.
Hmm, but grails works with this path - I enter exactly the same text that grails outputs when I run it perfectly working by hand...
The netbeans Grails plugin _might_ be better than eclipse - but it doesn't help if I cannot even get it running....