Open Source CRM for a one-person business...

Now that I start being self-employed, I have to take care of existing and potential customers, to get them to hire me (by the way, if you're reading this, you could consider it?! :) ).
Apart from the obvious thing that I'll have to convince people that I can help them solve their problems and do their business, that means I must manage contacts and the actions I do with them. CRM.

Sure I have a preference for a java based system, but it's not very clear what one could chose in that area. After some research, my possible candiates are:

It's really hard to decide which way to go (as long as I think it's a decision for live and I#ll never be able to migrate to another system :) ) - some criteria and findings:

LX-Office and OpenERP are easily installed and have a financial module for calculation and registration of expenses and incomes, etc. - I'll need that at some point.

LX is developed and supported by a German company - meaning good support for Germany company legislation/laws and taxes.

In the CRM area, SugarCRM is the super-hero - at least I should test it. And, it has a soap interface, and so can be integrated into any other system later (for example in OpenERP, which claims to have a SugarCRM module, or in the liferay portal with the PHP runner).

Apache OFBiz is a powerful everything and the kitchen sink framework, but it doesn't look as it wil be easily installed in a simple bootstrap package - it seems to be more a framework than an application. No idea how much work it will be to get it running.

OpenERP and LX where tested in study of the German Government about Open SOurce ERP and both rated quite well.
The integrated contact management of OpenERP is not very intuitive (as in general I find the interface hard to get), but it has a Sugar plugin.

  • Beginning with LX would mean to have financials and contacts in the same box - but the features of the contact management seem small and simple.
  • Starting with sugar, I could later try to integrate it with OpenERP, or anything else that can work with sugar's soap interface. Having no financial module should be no problem for the first months. I'm not expecting to have a lot to book.
Some other Jave based stuff I might try:
For today, it's enough...