Hyperlink URL's - advanced feature?

Hmm, I really wonder if an issue I have since a while with blogspot is really so advanced?!

I'd like to have a URL which I type in my blogposts automatically be rendered as a hyperlink so readers can click on it!

Currently I have to paste an URL from my browser bar or write it manually, select the text, copy the URL again to be sure, click on the add link button, paste the URL into the dialog box, and click save. In my opinion that's 5 steps too much!
In my opinion, it can be considered "normal" that anyone who writes an URL in a blog post also wants his readers to be able to just click and look at these URL's - only rarely sometimes I might be not willing to make people got there - e.g. when talking about a bad site and I don#t want to make advertising for them. But that's the exception.

I just looked at wordpress to see if they have this feature - no, they don't, but if you use wordpress install in your own webspace, you can install a plugin!
Hey, Wordpress even has a choice to convert :) into a smiley picture in it's writing settings - is that more important than an URL???

I don't get it, really...