Facebook app development made braindead

Wow - I played around with for only two hours now, and already had half of the time fixing a problem occuring due to a stupid development system.

I finally found the solution here(http://blog.jeromeparadis.com/archive/2007/09/10/Facebook-Developer-how-...)

What happened? I build the very simplest app just like described in the tutorial. I gave it a name, and I named the according "canvas page" the same.
The name was mixed case - the tutorial said, I can use numbers, letters and underscores. I only used letters.

I did all the rest that was written. I called the canvas page.

I got "page not found error".
I went through everything again.

Nothing helped. Surely, for quite a while I was sure that I was making some stupid mistake, so I tried and tried. Also, as the developer app said "changes can take several minutes", I assumed, in a worsed case that can mean hours. So I waited.
Nothing changed.

I searched the web and found the solution.

Man. What are these guys thinking how much time people have? If they only get canvas pages working with lowercase names, why the hell dies the stupid form accept names in mixed case???
Facebook, you got a hundred friend points with me!