further checking out drupal...

I'm further checking out drupal to manage my little website on a small managed hosting server.
(Usually, I'm a java developer when it comes to programming, but I want a small and hassle-free web cms here on low cost hosting)

Apart from managing "normal" web content, Drupal seems, as expected, to have some interesting things for my website are delivered as core modules:
  • a poll system
  • a blog system
Hot ot get started with translation support is nicely described in http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/translation
It will be good to get started with a multi-lingual page, so I can put information about me in english and in german.

It seems also to have the same translation support for blog entries, which I like a lot, because I often have thought about translating some of my blog posts.

Some things I do not like as for now:
  • I get links to an english version with the language selector, even though there exists none.
  • in the content overview, the tranlastion is shown as an extra page
  • even though I have selected full html for my web content, a html comment is automatically escaped, and the comment signs are printed out as well as everything in between.
  • named/friendly urls are to be added with the path module (http://drupal.org/node/3665) - I'd like to have an option in the page content editor to do that, because it's about a nice URL for a "page", not about filtering whatever type of url (which might be interesting in advanced usage, clearly) - hmm, with further browsing - mabye it's this what I'm looking for: http://drupal.org/node/17345

Some things I'm missing (or still have to really search for, maybe I just didn't find them yet):

  • A preview mode to check the state of a page. (although, it seems in admin mode also the not-publishes pages are show).
  • I'd like to update the site with a single click - the core as well as all modules (hmm, there is an theme and module upload function, but only mfor stuff already downloaded to my local disk...)
  • how about deleting modules and themes?!
  • maybe for customer site usage, I have to check the editing permission and workflow stuff!

Some modules I did not test but want to have when going into production:

  • Google Analytics -> for the stats
  • Markdown filter / or better: wiki filter?! -> write pages and posts in markdown!
  • Printer, e-mail and PDF versions -> very nice!
  • CCK (Content Construction Kit) -> maybe interesting for more complex content types
  • Administration Menu -> promises nicer usage in admin mode
  • Wordpress Import to get my existing blog content over into the system

In the end, I got my little site setup in about 5 hours or so, and learned enough to get started adding a lot of interesting functionality in a breeze - a blog, contact form and more, all with transation into multiple languages are only a few steps away now!

I'm now going to give SilverStripe a chance to show it can do the same, but I'm already quite impressed of drupal's abilities.