SilverStripe evaluation

After checking the drupal CMS and web Community system, I'm now checkin' out the SilverStripe CMS.

I'll need at least
  • an easy to setup and to maintain CMS
  • Blogging support
  • Translation support for pages and blog posts
  • Easy building of custom designs (not really checked for drupal yet)
  • a contact form
  • extensibility with custom code and functions as needed
Good to have:
  • wiki or markdown syntax for blog and pages
  • Automatically turn urls into links in pages and blog posts
  • all the other interesting features drupal has ;)
At the very start, I see SilverStripe comes with a nices web-based installer - no manual fiddling wherever... (I did not yet check that for drupal as I installed with the hosteurope web application service, but I'll need a custom installation)

And... HAHA: the name of the database I use is "something-test" - and all things I tested with it as for now worked well with it.

But silverstripe obviously does not like that. Actually, even the installer page automatically removes my lovely minus sign when I go out of the text field...
I have no database without a "-" in it's name, so I guess that was it for me and Silverstream for the next few weeks or so... what a bullshit!

Good night, and happy new year!

(BTW, reported problem in the forum at - let's see if and how it can be solved)