Drupal install from scratch on a managed hosting server

Installing on a managed hosting system means without ssh access, only ftp.
I have a Hosteurope Webpack L.

I read the INSTALL.txt file, but I have to do some extra/different things without shell access:

  • Upload the drupal files to my FTP server, plus the file sites/default/settings.php that contains my Database settings. (the DB already exists on my hosting setup).
  • Set the file permissions. (in KIS Administration > Webhosting > 1091032 > Allgemeines > Dateiverwaltung ...)

  • instead of "chmod o+w sites/default/settings.php" make this file owned by group "nobody", keep the owning user, and make the file writeable by the group (664)

  • instead of "chmod o+w sites/default" make the directory owned by the group "nobody" without changing the owning user, and make the file permissions to 775.

Now, the INSTALL.txt tells this:


To run the install script point your browser to the base URL of your website
(e.g., http://www.example.com).

You will be guided through several screens to set up the database,
create tables, add the first user account and provide basic web
site settings.

But when I load the directory, without specifying the install.php script explicitly, I get a lot of errors:

Warning: Table 'db1091032-app1.drupalaccess' doesn't exist query: SELECT 1 FROM drupalaccess WHERE type = 'host' AND LOWER('') LIKE LOWER(mask) AND status = 0 LIMIT 0, 1 in /is/htdocs/wp1091032_YZWO3J4ZKV/www/cms/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 128

and so on.

It can be solved to directly call the install.php script!
The scripts works fine and leads to a running drupal.

Now, as the install script suggest, I set back the permissions (in the web based file manager, again):

  • ./sites/default (755)
  • ./sites/default/settings.php (644)

The only error I still have:

"Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site admin, if the problem persists."

This is a problem with the Hosteurope PHP mail setting, and a solution is documented here in German: http://faq.hosteurope.de/index.php?cpid=11073 - in short, if you don't want to rewrite your scripts, set a standard Email address in the KIS!

So far, I have a running Drupal instance now... more info on how I set up my site and other stuff later!