Drupal freelinking

About to add freelinking support to my new drupal system - it should enable me creating links to pages by writing wiki-style links.

Everything a bit confusing, the INSTALL file points to menu items that do not exist as written.

You really have to enable freelinking in the menu admin/settings/filters by going to the "configure" link of each content type that should have freelinking links.

After I did that, I get working links - but only when I'm logged in.

When not logged, the link exists, but clicking on it results only in a "access denied" message.

Can't see what's wrong there - for now, I'll check out the Markdown module to see if it offers me easy formatting, and the linking, too?!


Markdown module seems not to give me easy linking, but I found out how freelinking can be get going: Give the anonymous user the permission "freelinking module-> access freelinking list"

See http://drupal.org/node/244990#comment-1181421