Drupal Menu Translation

I had a strange issue with drupal menu translation:

After adding a translation of a page, and set it to state "published", the english _and_ german_ page was shown in my primary links field - while I expected it to be shown only the one for my current language.

This can be solved by installing the i18n/internationalization module and enabling it and it's menu translation option. With the default it should be all good - if not, things cna be adjusted, for example in admin/settings/i18n.

Solution was hinted there: http://drupal.org/node/244752

I then had another issue: My Front page in the english version was switched to the default start page with hints how to get started.

That was, because I have not promoted the english pages to the frontpage.
I would usually want to have the maste node controll what is promoted (e.g.: if the german version is promoted, and there is an english version, it should also be automatically promoted?!)

Another strange issue is that the last Item on my frontpage now doesn't have the correct style anmymore. I'm going to post the the users mailing list and ask for a solution...