No Javascript - no download?

As I just said on Twitter:I'm really fascinated to see how many sites are (unnecessarily) crippled if you disabled java script. Why would you do it? For security, performance, and privacy. Enough reasons?

I installed last week, a really nice tool that also shows you from which sites javascript code is coming, and enable it by site - so you can for example, prevent being totally tracked down by google analytics if you don't want that.

I know, this will disturb many people's main statistic collection if everybody starts doing such things - and the Sites using a lot of Ajax have a lot trouble getting their stats tracked, and especially getting them counted by IVW. And here I come with such tips ;)

Still, in some places, I really don't get it. Now, for example, what sense does it have, not to be able to get to the download page here if javascript is disabled: ???