back alive... new plans

Finally, we have finished our Xen Book, and finally, I have a bit recovered from the stress it defintely imposed to me - working full time a Java devloper, and being Beta-Tester for the most hyped(and not always most promise-keeping and working-as-expected) virtualization software on the planet at the same time is quite some thing to do.

The Xen developers give us a great software for free, but they intentionally let the distribution vendors do the job to build and package ist nicely and make their users the well working features available - as Simon Cosby put it in some private mail - "We're providing the engine, not the car."
They build their own car on top of it, as XenEnterprise.

Still, it was a great experience, and the next book is in the plannings - watch out for announcements about this.

For now, I want to get deeper and back to FAI development. Most important things I have in mind:
  • Create a GUI to administer FAI
  • Introduce a better hierarchy of the configspace
  • Get more clean samples and docs of multi-distribution installs (e.g. Skolelinux, Windows, Fedora as the main candidates)
  • Make fai-cd work with non-debian distributions
I won't get bored, I guess...