Ganeti - a Xen management tool that doesn't suck

Finally I found another tools for managing some aspects of a Xen infrastructrue that does not suck: Ganeti

It is small in code size, easily installed and does the things it promises quite easily.
When testing it, I found some bugs, most of which are more or less cosmetic - so, it feels a little bit more like a 0.5 version but a 1.2beta, but a quite good 0.5.
I saw quite some >1 version and >0.5 version tools for Xen which did suck quite a lot - no need to mention them again explicitly.

So, the way to have some nice set of tools to work nicely on a Xen infrastructure is made a step further. For now, my major favorites are:

  • Xen-tools, which I combine with FAI for setting up a Domain and installing it
  • Xen-shell, which I find very nice to give people access to manage a single Xen instance on a Node, without giving them acces to xm directly, while gicing them a similar power over a single instance
  • Ganeti for getting setup and management of multi-node Xen clusters with a nicely working high availabiliy feature, that helps me do things for which I otherwise had to fiddle quite a lot with drbd on my own.
It should be mentioned explicitly that the developer group of ganeti is, same as Steve Kemp, the maker of xen-shell and -tools, a very cooperative group which takes feedback very seriously.

Keep Up The Good Work, guys!