dear lazyweb... two GNOME/Nautilus problems

There are exactly 2 annoying problems, in which I run from time to time, again and again, but I never found a solution, and I didn't make the step to subscribe to some gnome users list to get them solved:

Not always, but quite often when I plug in a usb stick, then navigate through it with Gnome's Nautilus File manager, I cannot unmount it anymore.
When clicking right on it, and selecting unmount in the context menu, I get a message saying "unmount failed - device is busy".
Looking up with lsof what is causing the lock, it is always a nautilus process, which is CWD in some directory of the USB stick, e.g.:

nautilus 3927 henning cwd DIR 8,33 1024 3889 /media/usb1/2006-09-17

I am not sure, but it is possible, that this happens in conjunction with the problem described next - for example the above happened after I had to open the Terminal from nautilus in the way described below:

The next thing is, that the nautilus-open-.terminal function, since a while, nearly(but not always) any time I try to use it, it opens the terminal with a shell in my home directory, instead of the directory nautilus was navigatin in when I used the open terminal function.

What works is, right clicking on a directory icon, and using the "open with" dialog, and then chose "terminal" as an application to open the directory. That always works, but it's one menu level deeper to navigate each time, so I don't really like it.

Does the web outside know what's wrong?

Or should I really get up and ask the gnome-users mailing list??? :)