My first computer

By accident I stumbled upon a picture of my first computer on wikipedia.

An Apple IIe, decommisionned from my fathers engineering office.
It had a green monochromic screen, anwe owned about 2 or 3 games for the system (the onloy one I really remember is "der Fluch das Pharaoh"/"The Pharaoh's Curse", a text/2D graphical role playing adventure game from Synapse Software, released 1983 ) - more could be bought for sums of money absolutely out of the reach of my small pockets from the german apple software distributor pandasoft.

At that time, others had C64's with load of games to play (though most of the pirated) that could be simply connected to a color TV screen. No wonder I lost track with computers after a while, and only got deeply into it about 10 years later :)

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