Wikipedia Fundraiser, anyone?

Admitted, it took me some time until I decided to give something to the Wikipedia annual Fundraiser. One of the reasons was the usual lazyness, the other was that I waited some days because I remembered that last year, a bunch of big companies had made offers on some days like "we will double all donations made on day X" or in some longer timeframe.

As this didn't seem to happen anymore, I finally spend some Euro's.

Since then, a long time has gone, and I see the number of donations shown on each Wikipedia page to increase only in very minimal numbers each day.

How can that be? Is my assumption wrong that abput the half of internet users are using Wikipedia, a quarter of them on an everyday basis? Are those internet users so poor or too cheap? Did they spend all their money for useless christmas gifts?

I am not really as upset as this sounds now, but I really wonder - I'd think that in about a week, hundred's of thousands of people should have donate at least a little bit... Anyboy reading me, and having an idea?
Are my guessed numbers completely wrong?

As the wikpedia Fundraiser blog suggested, at east I start to do some adveritsing for them now :)
You can do that, too - see here.