Playin' around with Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning

The day before, I thought I found a nice solution in my search for a nice PIM application: Mozilla Lightning, the PIM plugin for Thunderbird.

Had to install the latest version of thunderbird, as the Debian version didn't accept the lightning plugin, and at a first glance, it looked fine.

But there were some problems:
  • No anti-aliased fonts in Mail view. Switched to non-serif fonts to get a somewhat better sight. Not perfect, but acceptable, if the app would do what I want.
  • GUI redrawing problems in the task view of lightning. Adding Items, and they did not appear until the screen was redrawn when I switched into another view and back again. Odd.
  • export from evolution / import into lighting did not work with my data. The export from Evolution seems not to be 100% correct, at least also importing it into the zimbra system of the company I work at didn't succeed, too. Only Google calendar could understand the stuff, so I imported the stuff there, and exported it again - that export was understood by Lightning and accepted.
Apart from that, it looked nice and I thought I had something to work with and was happy.

But then, today when I started up thunderbird, something strange had happened: I use folders with subfolders on IMAP, to get my stuff sorted, and that works quite nice. Most of the time. Only, my folder for mailing lists, that I have at GMX, suddenly did not show any subfolders any more. In fact, it was the only folder with subfolders, where they did disappear. All others seem to be fine, and I could swear, yesterday they were there.
Today, they weren't, and testing with the older thunderbird, included in Debian, made it show up again, but whatever I did, the new thundebird didn't show them.

Showstopper - I have to go report some bugs, and keep using my thunderbird (for mail, as I dislike Evolutions mail functions) and Evolution - for Calendar and tasks, as this is not available in a working version of thunderbird - yet.

I can't wait to see a working version of the stuff...