Debian Packages that Need Lovin'

I like this idea, announced here and on the debian-devel-announce Mailing list.

If you're using Debian or one of it's many derivates, and ever thought about giving some bits back to the community (which you really should be thinking about), but never knew where to get started, now theres a new web interface to search for packages that need work - or, as the application says, "Debian Packages that Need Lovin" :)

This information has always been there, I belive, but hidden somehwere in the depths of the Debian Bug Tracking System.
Now, everybody interesting in helping with Debian, can get started easily.

My personal favorite of the day is the R(equest)F(or)P(ackaging) Google's Android SDK - let's see if I can get something done there - even if I have no idea where to find the time to get started :)