back from FOSDEM

FOSDEM 2008 was a great success, I believe!
Very stiff-packed 2 days of presentations, meetings with other developers in my current main field of interest(virtualization, Debian, FAI, free Java/OpenJDK), and many other interesting stuff. I'd been interviewed by the guys of, had a great dinner with the guys from the Java DevJam, and concluded with some Debian virtualization-related maintainers that we need to make a meeting with all the people involved with the different packages - let's see what we can do.

Brussels is still a nice town - as I always realize when being there, but again I couldn't make it to stay there for a week in advance nor for a week after the conference.

I came back late Sunday night to watch the (preview) results of our Hamburg local elections - looks like we're becoming black-green now - no idea what I should think about this.

I'm motivated to go to Chemnitzer Linuxtage...