Good ideas from the KVM Guys

Just found KVMtest, a tool said to be used to record events to replay them - for example for running automated tests - in the case of the KVM guys for testing system installation and other stuff.
I heard from such a concept being implemented in faum-expect(sorry, no better documentation available online), a control language for FAUMachine-based virtual machines. Still interesting to see it pop up again somewhere else - and being brought to some faster virtualization implementation.

Another interesting thing there - at their TODO page they say, they want to

Store command line options in an empty snapshot in a qcow2 format image file. This allows an image file to be self contained: qemu file.img should be enough to launch a fully configured virtual machine.
That's hot stuff. Storing all qemu config options directly inside a qemu image file sounds really cool!
Sure, you'd want an editor or something for them, because the plaintext rule is broken that way - but have everything in one place is cool. Actually, on my last talk I gave at the weekend at FOSDEM, I presented a choice of Qemu GUI's available in Debian, but one bad point about them was, they all have their own file format to store config files for qemu. Having a single scheme, built into the core software instead of it's GUI's sound great.