N95 hassles - again... how to get deleted songs out of the music player's DB???

Interesting question, and an easy, but ugly-as-hell solution!

But let me explain what the problem is, in case you don't own such a badly developed, beta-quality, can-do-everything-but-nothing-right phone.

So, if you have such a phone, you can plug a mini-usb cable into it, and by telling the phone it should work in "data transfer" mode, it will be mounted as a usb mass storage device(at least that's the wording on Linux, don't know what's that called in Windows).

In that mass storage device, you can then copy mp3's files, and folders containing those, into the Folder "Sounds/Digital". After unmounting the device, and starting the media player again, you can chose to refresh the database and there you are, you can listen to new music.

The problem is, when changing the contents of Sounds/Digital folder, and chosing again to rescan the data, only _new_ files are added, but old ones are not deleted! So you will have a long list of artists and albums and stuff to chose, but in many cases chosing to play them will only result in an error message or an empty screen.
Not that great.

So, I finally found some solution to that, described here. Th crux is, you have to find the file "mpxv1.mpd" and delete or renmae it, and then restart the media player.

Great, isn't it - that's how we like an advanced multimedia mobile phone to work, don't we?!

I have a somewhat long list of bugs this phone has, and I really wonder how such a phone can still get so many good quotes wherever you look at rating portals and such - do any people who give such rates every try to use those devices, really, on a day to day basis, in the same way as they are advertised???