Getting started with liferay portal and mysql

I searched a little while when looking for how to get started with liferay and store my data in a mysql DB.
There are some hints in this documentation(I'm using a tomcat bundle, version 5.1RC).
But it's actually simpler. I didn't even need to explicitly install the mysql driver by hand.
Just change


There, enable and adjust the lines for the mysql driver, disable the hsql stuff.
At first start, the database is created automatically.

Another thing I searched for a while is the password you need for the first login - the default admin account...

The user/password combination here is - can also be found here.

Let's see what liferay brings... I'm interested in and excited about using it to couple together all the data services I need in my daily life - wiki for unstructured information, a blog for you to read, addresses, calendaring, todo management, project timetracking and stuff like that.
I'm evaluating liferay for that sake - it seems to bring quite some portlets in these areas, and I'll add the missing ones
The other thing that seems interesting in this area is the exo webOS - part of the exoplatform portlet container. What I dislike always when looking at exo is the parallel offering of multiple different distibutions packages, but that seem to become normal when looking at todays software platforms - feature-rich ans large, they are.
On the other hand, I will probably be better of making my way through that complexity, than wirting every app I need on my own...