More on calendar servers

And, as today I decided it's calendar day, some more hints on them:

Here, and here I've found An interesting presentation on current groupware and calendaring systems - a presentation from 2008 from some guy from

Some calendars mentioned there:

So, in the meantime, I also tried the Chandler Cosmo Server.
And, I must say, I like it!

It's hard to compare a 40MB Java software (but, yes, there's the tomcat server included...) with some php stuff that is much much smaller and handier.

Still, with chandler and some doc reading (most important - where to find the caldav URL I have to subscribe to in thunderbird? - found here) I have my calendar server up and running and being use in production in about an hour - a time in which for davical, as much as I like it's author, didn't even get the database connection going...

At a first glance, things look fine - I can move events form one calendar to the cosmo calendar, even importing ics files fromt hunderbird into the remote calendar seems to work fine!

Will see when and where I put this into production, and how it will turn out...