Testing ebox with the prebuilt Ubuntu Server install CD

Ebox looks like a promising infrastructure solution, and I started to evaluate it today.
In the first place, I want to have a database of my systems, and have it generate DNS and DHCP configurations.
I might have been content with just a DNS/DHCP GUI, but on the other hand, the ebox sources look quite nice at a first glance, and I like the additional features it offers, and will probably use more than just the dhcp/dns stuff in the future.

That is, if I once get it running. The live CD(though, downloaded quite some while ago) looked great, and worked well in Virtualbox, which I currently use for testing.
Trying to use the Ubuntu Server install CD, customized by the eBox team to make installation easy (as the say in their install instruction) to install it on my own, on a system with disk storage(still on virtualbox...), did fail.
The problem is, the Ubuntu server version comes with a PAE Kernel (smart enough, the installation kernel is non-pae - so you only realize that the actual system won't boot after going the whole way through the installation) - this *could* be solved by enabling PAE - but Virtualbox versions below 1.6.0 don't support PAE, and I'm on 1.5.6.

Tombuntu recommends to install a non-PAE Kernel via the rescue system (wow, it takes ages to boot and too many questions - the next time I'll use a decent live distibution, like grml for this), and that works well.
Only that I installed linux-686 because I don't see why I should be using the 386 version.

So, ebox is booting now, and doing some custom installation tasks - let's see how far we get :)