Drupal Flexifilter Mediawiki example hack

You like drupal flexifilter mediawiki syntax, but dislikes it links to wikipedia instead of your site?


and change the wikipedia occurences to your site path!

When the module is installed now, you can got to

and change wikipedia entries in the hiearchy of filter commands.

it's a bit fiddling to find it... something like

Drupal freelinking

About to add freelinking support to my new drupal system - it should enable me creating links to pages by writing wiki-style links.

Everything a bit confusing, the INSTALL file points to menu items that do not exist as written.

You really have to enable freelinking in the menu admin/settings/filters by going to the "configure" link of each content type that should have freelinking links.

After I did that, I get working links - but only when I'm logged in.
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